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Having emigrated myself, I have a clear insight into the process of dismantling your life in one place and establishing it in another. I have helped people move from all over Canada, and indeed, from all over the world. I am experienced with the in's and out's of a non-local move. I use technology in many ways to assist with people who may not be close at hand. If you will be working with a relocation company, I can work with them too! Just give them my name, so you can have a local expert on your side, rather than a random agent picked from a database!

If you have a specific relocation question, not covered below. Please contact me - I'm here to help! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Most relocation companies will let you choose your own Real Estate Professional and this makes sense! This way, you can pick a local Agent that really knows the market and the home values in the areas you are interested in.

I work incredibly hard to ensure that my clients are extremely satisfied with my real estate service and all that I do to help them. I am very proud of what my clients have said about working with me...click here for full testimonials.

The cost of living varies across Canada. Usually, wages reflect this. If you have any specific questions about the cost of living, drop me a line or visit: 

House prices also vary greatly. No matter what your budget, I will be able to help you find a home to suit your needs within your budget.
Contact me now and I can send you homes to view on-line before you arrive. 

I can provide a list of schools in the local area so you can set up appointments to visit the ones of interest. If you want to research beforehand, you can visit:

Calgary Board of Education
Calgary Catholic School Division

Foothills School Division

Foothills Catholic School Division

The right neighbourhood is very important. Once I have an idea of what you are looking for and what kind of neighbourhoods suit your needs, I can begin making suggestions to narrow down your search. If you are visiting the area, have a good drive around the areas of interest. Sit and watch the world go by in a local coffee shop, pop in and out of shops, go for a walk etc. This can really help you to see how suitable a particular locality might be.

Depending on where you are coming from, the weather may or may not represent a significant change to what you are used to. Generally speaking, winters are cold but manageable although there are occasional very cold snaps! Summers are usually good. Nice, warm and sunny. Spring and fall are usually quite short and can often blend into the other two seasons! A day by day historical account of the weather from 2008-2010 can be found on our Weather Blog.